CASES TO WATCH: Inventory Searches Provide Police Avenue to Skirt Search Protocol

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Criminal Defense Attorney and Kaedian LLP Partner Kacey McBroom points to a ruling this week in a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals case, United States v. Torres, that gives police even broader discretion in searching vehicles.  Claiming they are conducting “inventory searches” – searches meant to protect or otherwise safeguards belongings in a vehicle – was found to be a permissible reason to search a car that does not otherwise meet the requirements for such searches under the 4th amendment.  The case, says McBroom, sets a slippery slope precedent for police claiming some form of public good to circumvent otherwise well-established privacy rights.  The full opinion can be found here.  

Partner Nannina Angioni Talks to The Hill About Roger Ailes Harassment Suit

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Addressing some key issues surrounding the impact of character and speech outside of a sexual harassment lawsuit,  Partner Nannina Angioni is interviewed for the Hill on the most recent allegations levied at Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes.  The full article can be found here

Partner Nannina Angioni Addresses How Established Employers Can Keep Up with Startups For

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Partner Nannina Angioni was recently interviewed by on the ways in which larger, more traditional employers can institute policies and practices that match the appeal of smaller, more nimble shops.  The bottom line: flexibility and progressive approaches.  The full article can be found here.  

Partner Nannina Angioni Talks Politics at Work With French Newspaper Le Monde

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Partner Nannina Angioni shared her advice for employers during this heated election season with French newspaper Le Monde for an article covering how American companies are approaching the hot contest from a human resources perspective.  Her observations, translated, below and the link to the full article, in French, here.  

Title: Speaking About Politics Yes, But Outside The Office
The right of political expression is protected by law.  So says Nannina Angioni, of the law office Kaedian in Los Angeles, to her business clients.  As elections approach, business owners have asked her more and more about what the right approach to this issue is.  “These conversations can heat up quickly,” she says. “Sometimes, you can’t escape it.  Don’t make a personal affair of it, don’t attack your clients.” advises the labor and employment attorney.  And better yet, she reminds employers: “Refresh your internal policies so that sources of conflict are addressed and share these with your supervisors, as they are on the front lines and best placed to act quickly and stop a discussion before it becomes really sensitive.” 
Of course, Facebook and Instagram have extended the breadth of what is possible [in the area of political speech]. “If you post on Facebook at night, from your own home, your employer should not intervene,” reassures Ms. Angioni.  However, “if you do this at work, you do risk having repercussions.”  


Partner Nannina Angioni Offers Insights On New Overtime Regulations

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After the Department of Labor issued new overtime exemption rules, raising the minimum salary threshold to $47,476 per year for a white collar exemption and $134,000 per year for highly compensated workers, Labor and Employment Partner Nannina Angioni provided her thoughts on what the impact would be for an overview of the new rules. Generally speaking, she posits that employers will feel the pinch.  The full article can be found here.   

Overtime Exemption Rules Revamped

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LEGAL UPDATE:  The Department of Labor has issued its final version of the overtime exemption rules, raising the minimum salary threshold to $47,476 per year for a white collar exemption and $134,000 per year for highly compensated workers.  The new rules are expected to impact 4.2 million Americans and take effect on December 1, 2016.  More information on the new rules available here

Partner Kacey McBroom Talks Criminal Background Checks in Employee Context

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Kaedian LLP Criminal Defense Attorney and Partner Kacey McBroom addresses California law and how it relates to criminal background checks and employment for Business News Daily.  The full article can be found here

Partner Nannina Offers Insights into the Challenges of Workplace Flexibility for HR Magazine

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Labor and Employment Partner Nannina Angioni was interviewed for the April issue of HR Magazine on the problems that can arise when companies attempt to implement workplace flexibility.  In her experience, that freedom can have a paralytic effect. The full article can be found here


Kaedian LLP Labor and Employment Partner Nannina Angioni appeared on the KTLA Morning News today to address the timely and potentially explosive topic of political discussions at work in light of the extremely contentious election at hand.  She points out that employers and employees alike should be concerned – and prepared.  

Political Chatter at Work Can Be Costly for Employers

In the March 15th issue of the Daily Journal, Labor and Employment Partner Nannina Angioni pens an article covering e the legal risks associated with employers allowing employees to discuss politics or actively campaign in the workplace.  

The article – “Feelin’ the Bern (or not) at work?” –  reflects Angioni’s view that the heightened tensions and emotions associated with this particular election season are incendiary, particularly at work.  She thinks employers would be wise to update harassment and discrimination policies accordingly, remind employees about expectations around these issues and be watchful for when casual political conversation escalates.  

The full article is available to Daily Journal subscribers here