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Partner Nannina Angioni Chats w/AP about Freelancers

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Partner Nannina Angioni spoke with the Associated Press’s Joyce Rosenberg about the pros and cons of freelancers for a company vs. traditional employees.  The full article can be found here in the Sacramento Bee. 

Holiday Office Parties: Keeping Things in Check in the #metoo era

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Kaedian LLP Partner Nannina Angioni provided her insights for this article on how holiday parties today have evolved in terms of expectations, and legal realities.  Employers, take note.  

Talking Employee Handbook Revamps with Nightclub & Bar

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Kaedian LLP Labor & Employment Partner Nannina Angioni recently sat down with Nightclub & Bar Magazine to provide tips on how to revamp employee handbooks to make them more effective in their industry. More, here

Nannina Angioni Talks “Getting Personal” with the AP

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Associated Press reporter Joyce Rosenberg recently spoke with Kaedian LLP Labor & Employment attorney & Partner Nannina Angioni about where employers should draw the line in helping employees in their personal lives.  Boundaries, she made clear, are important.  The full article here

Partner Nannina Angioni Interviewed By Working Mother Magazine

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Kaedian LLP Partner Nannina Angioni was interviewed extensively on the topic of maternity leave for the June issue of Working Mother Magazine. The full article, here.

Partner Nannina Angioni Interviewed About Me Too for SHRM

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Kaedian LLP Partner Nannina Angioni spoke with the Society for Human Resources Management’s (SHRM) flagship publication to address the Me Too movement and how employers need to do more than just offer lip service to harassment in the workplace to protect themselves from liability and reputation damage.  The complete article is here

Partner Kacey McBroom Interviewed by CSM for #metoo & Religion Story

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Kaedian LLP Partner and criminal defense attorney Kacey McBroom was recently interviewed for a compelling article focused on religious communities and their reactions – or lack their of – to the #metoo movement.  Her contribution related to her own professional experience working criminal cases within separatist religious groups and the psychology behind their protectionist tendencies.  The full article can be found here.  

People HR Interviews Partner Nannina Angioni About Bad References


Can you give a bad reference to a departing or former employee? Kaedian LLP Partner and Labor & Employment Attorney Nannina Angioni sits down with People HR to talk about the policies and risks around the decision.  The full article here.

Nannina Angioni Speaks to Fast Company About Apps in HR

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There’s an app for that….or is there? Kaedian LLP Labor & Employment Partner Nannina Angioni sat down with Fast Company to talk about the pros and cons of encouraging employees to use apps to manage their workplace experience.  The full article here.


Partner Nannina Angioni Addresses Sexual Harassment for NBC News

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In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations,  Kaedian LLP Labor and Employment Partner Nannina Angioni spoke with NBC News about the psychological impact on a workplace after and during a sexual harassment case.  “[It’s a] slithering snake that ripples its way through a work environment causing disastrous results.” she says, before identifying the litany of ways employers and employees, both witnesses and victims, are impacted by sexual harassment.  The full, highly compelling read, here.