Partner Nannina Angioni Addresses Speech In the Workplace

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Speaking with Fast Company reporter Gwen Moran, Kaedian LLP Partner Nannina Angioni addressed the hot button issue of speech in the workplace and what sorts of opinions can and can’t get you fired. Between the Google memo and the Charlottesville aftermath, hateful and/or prejudiced speech is under the spotlight and, as Angioni explains, whether it can cost you your job depends on the speech, the context and the contract.  See the full article here.  

LA Business Journal Diversity & Inclusion Summit

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Partners Nannina Angioni and Kacey McBroom were honored to attend the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Diversity & Inclusion Summit on Monday, July 24, 2017.  The Summit featured a morning of panel discussions with companies and individuals dedicated to promoting practices that advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in business leadership.  Our firm has always been profoundly committed to these ideals and learned a lot from our assembled peers.  



Partner Nannina Angioni Talks Trump Tweets The Associated Press

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By now we all know that President Trump tweets regularly, leaving some employees wondering what would happen if they tweeted the way the Commander in Chief did.  Labor and Employment Partner Nannina Angioni spoke with the Associated Press today, in the wake of the latest round of controversial Presidential tweets, about the consequences of certain tweets for the everyday employee.  See the full article here.  

Partner Nannina Angioni Tackles Training in United Debacle

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Partner Nannina Angioni spoke with human resources reporter Carol Angioni to address what United – and other service-based companies – could be doing differently visa vie employees to make sure altercations with customers, and the ensuing public relations disasters, don’t happen.  The full article for Human Resources Executive can be found here.

Partner Nannina Angioni Interviewed on Sex Discrimination for Cronkite News

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Labor and Employment attorney and Kaedian LLP Partner Nannina Angioni was recently interviewed by PBS affiliate Conkrite News to discuss the hot topic right now – sex and gender discrimination in the workplace. With companies like Uber and Fox News under fire, Angioni talks about ways in which employers can minimize exposure.  The link to the full story can be found here. 

Nannina Angioni Offers Holiday Party Danger Zones for The Economist

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Labor & Employment Attorney and Kaedian LLP Partner Nannina Angioni provides the questions employers should be asking themselves in advance of the office holiday party in a conversation with Terri Williams, writing for The Economist blog.  These include: whether to  serve alcohol and whether to pay for employee ride shares home.  The full article can be found here.

Partner Kacey McBroom on Hate Crime in Scientific American


Kaedian LLP partner and criminal defense attorney Kacey McBroom speaks with Scientific American and addresses the importance of words and a visual record in differentiating hate crimes from regular crimes.  The full article can be found here.

Partner Nannina Angioni Digs into Workplace Political Chatter for the AP

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Kaedian LLP Labor and Employment Partner Nannina Angioni is once again interviewed, this time by the Associated Press, on the issue of how to manage political chatter at work during such a contentious election.  In addressing how to gauge when an employee or manager has crossed the line, she says: “Employees are not allowed to engage in conduct that negatively affects their co-workers’ work environment.” – Click here for the full article.  

Partner Nannina Angioni Tackles Equal Pay With

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Partner Nannina Angioni was interviewed for a recent article discussing how California’s Equal Pay Act would play out in the rest of the country and impact salary negotiations. 

“The California law forces companies to look at how they are setting pay, day in and day out,” says Angioni. “These laws require employers to implement objective criteria to calculate salaries, which ultimately means there’s a greater focus on the position and duties than on the candidate, to ensure there’s a non-gender-based explanation for disparities.”

The complete article can be found here

Partner Nannina Angioni Talks Telework with SHRM

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In a recent August article for SHRM, Labor and Employment Partner Nannina Angioni talks practical approaches to telework for employers.  Find the complete article with her insights here.