Partner Nannina Angioni Reflects on Dr. Phil Employment Lawsuit

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Partner Nannina Angioni has her own take on the high-profile case filed by employees of talk show host Dr. Phil.  The employees allege, among other things, that he locked 300 employees in a room for hours and berated them as part of an “investigation” into media leaks.  Angioni points out that this a perfect example of how not to conduct a workplace investigation – even if you are known for taking a hard line and using unorthodox tactics in your public life and profile.  This sort of approach can have far reaching legal consequences for an employer.  Better practices, according to her, include planning ahead, remaining objective and being thorough but moving swiftly to conclude the investigation in a timely manner. 

A full recap of events leading up to the salacious case can be found here.  

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