Criminal Defense

Fighting for everything that matters to you.

Whether it is the first time or the most recent of many, being charged with a criminal act is a scary, confusing, and difficult time for a defendant. Not only is the future uncertain, but the impact on family, work, and finances can be devastating.

The attorneys of KAEDIAN LLP have helped hundreds of defendants fight for their rights no matter how severe the charges. Our team has extensive experience handling a wide variety of criminal matters throughout Southern California. While we are tough, smart and savvy in our approach, we treat our clients – and their families – with the respect, sensitivity, and supportiveness they need in these difficult times. In the criminal arena, we are equipped to defend matters including:

• Arson
• Assault & Battery
• Assault With a Deadly Weapon
• Child Abuse
• Cyber Crimes
• Domestic Violence
• Drug Offenses
• Fraud & Extortion
• Homicide
• Identity Theft
• Juvenile Crimes
• Restraining Order Violations
• Robbery
• Theft/Burglary
• Three Strikes Offense
• Sex Crimes & Rape
• Vehicular Manslaughter
• Weapon Possession

Our attorneys view criminal defense as an art not a science: skill, finesse, and substantive training are crucial to getting it right. With us, your case will benefit from our extensive experience, finely-honed negotiating skills, and strong relationships within the criminal justice system. We believe every client deserves thorough and effective representation, and every person deserves a fair shot. Let us give you yours.

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